Home Additions

Do you feel like you are outgrowing your home? If so then a home addition is just what you need. A home addition is a great way of increasing space in your home and adding versatility without having to move. You can add common space to relax in with your family, a sunroom, a place for just the kids, whatever it is that you require Space Pro Renovations is here for hire. We are happy to look at the space you have and determine what is best for your home and the specific area. Here at Space Pro Renovations, we can give your home a complete makeover and even more. Our home additions will give your home a completely new look. We use present day information on house values and smart investments in a house to help guide you on the changes that will only increase your home’s value.

There are great benefits to installing a home addition to your home, whether it is a new second floor or expanding your garage. As long as you have a reasonable budget, our renovation contractors will do the rest and give you the home addition that you need. Our mission at Space Pro Renovations is to get you through the transitional renovation phase to a new and better home with as little disruption to your normal life as possible. Our renovation contractors work diligently from the beginning to the end of any home addition project. We promise by increasing your living space you will increase the enjoyment of your entire home.

Here at Space Pro Renovations we offer various home renovations such as:

  • Kitchen expansion
  • Bathroom
  • Master Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Garage Expansion

Here at Space Pro Renovations, we believe in making sure our customers receive great quality services during the entire home addition renovation process. Space Pro Renovation stands for integrity, excellence, and complete customer satisfaction. Call us today and find out more about our home addition work and what we can do for you!

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